Township Future

TownshipFuture is governed by a Steering Committee of active residents of The Woodlands Township.  We are actively recruiting other residents who may be interested in participating in TownshipFuture activities.  Anyone interested in participating or learning more may contact us at  TownshipFuture is a Texas general purpose political action committee registered with the Texas Ethics Commission and a Section 527 entity registered with the Internal Revenue Service.

We are dedicated to transparency and on-time reporting to the Texas Ethics Commission.

TownshipFuture Steering Committee

The TownshipFuture Steering Committee consists of Chair Ted Stanley, Treasurer Walter Cooke, Secretary Kira Becker and (Bob) Leilich.

Walter Cooke is an attorney who lives and works in The Woodlands.  In 2005 Walter served on the Board of The Woodlands Community Association and in November 2019 he was candidate for Township Director. He is a 2005 Hometown Hero and has served on multiple nonprofit boards.  Currently he serves as the president of The Madalyn Cooke Foundation.

Kira Becker is a mom of two students at Creekside Forest Elementary School and leads corporate communication for a unit of a global technology company. She lives in Creekside Park, and has been active in mobilizing her Village in response to flooding and development issues affecting residents. 

Bob Leilich is a longtime resident of Grogans Mill who has served on the Grogans Mill Village Association, the Grogans Mill RDRC, MUD #1 (Municipal Utility District) and as Trustee of the Woodlands Joint Power Agency as well as an active participant in his church.  

Members of the Steering Committee come from varied backgrounds, but all agree in the excellence of our community and that it is worth working together to maintain its unique qualities. If you are interested in becoming involved as a volunteer or steering committee member, please reach out to